How to Repair a Burn Spot on Carpet

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The most common damage to carpet occurs from spills and stains. These stains are often liquid or mud that can be removed with a damp cloth or by hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. For this, we recommend

However, carpet can incur a different kind of damage that cannot be cleaned and that is a burn spot on your carpet. This comes from dropping a candle or a cigarette or cigar on your carpet. A carpet burn can also happen if someone drops a curling iron or clothes iron on the carpet.

You cannot clean a carpet burn spot. You have to replace the portion of the carpet where the burn is located. Here are the steps necessary to repair a burn spot on your carpet:

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do is find a razorblade or box cutter and cut a perfect square around the burn spot. Cut out as little of a square as possible. Be careful using the razorblade as you will need it to be very sharp in order to create a clean cut. You also won’t to be careful not to cut out or remove the carpet pad underneath.

Be sure to save the square piece of the carpet you cut out.

Step 2:

Find a carpet remnant left over from when the carpet was installed. If you do not have a carpet remnant, you will need to find a discrete area of the carpet for this step. Now place the square piece you cut out over the carpet remnant or the area of carpet you are using and trace the square using the razorblade or box cutter and press and cut out a square the same size as the burn square.

Step 3:

Place the square cutout into the area where you cut out the burn spot. Be sure it fits in cleanly without any overlap or any of the carpet pad visible. Now apply an adhesive to the bottom of the new cutout. You can use glue or double-sided tape for this.

You can hover a clothes iron over the new square and adhesive to help it melt and bind to the carpet pad faster, however this is not necessary for success. It will only speed up the process.

Step 4:

Blend the seams and cutout lines from the new square into the carpet using a carpet tractor. You can purchase a carpet tractor online or at your local hardware store. This is a great tool for blending in carpet seems.

Step 5:

Now you can throw out the original carpet burn and let the adhesive dry to the carpet pad. We recommend you wait 24 hours before walking on the new square piece to allow it to settle into the carpet.

The entire process to repair a carpet burn spot should not require more than 30 minutes or less, however it is likely you will need to go to the hardware store in order to purchase the carpet tractor.