Do You Need a New Air Conditioner?

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It’s hot, it’s humid but thank God for the air-conditioner. Wait, what? Your air-con isn’t helping? What a nightmare! Well, it’s not the heat but your air-conditioner that needs to change.

There are many reasons why air-conditioners stop functioning, especially during the summers. If you watch for the warning signs early then you can ensure that you don’t feel the heat (quite literally!). Here are some signs that your home needs a new air conditioner.

No Cool Air

This, of course, is the most obvious sign that your AC has gone to the dogs. If even at full blast, your vents aren’t giving out air as cold, or cold air at all, then it’s a sign that the air conditioner might need a repair.

There can be many reasons why this is happening. For example, your AC’s compressor has failed or that your Freon levels are low. If that is indeed the case then your system needs replacement.

Bad Air Flow

Sometimes you might feel that the thrust of air flow coming out of air conditioner is a little weak. This might mean that your compressor has conked off. If some parts of your house/ room are receiving cool air and others are not, then it means that your AC ducts are out of order and need servicing.

Sometimes debris and other harmful material get stuck in your air-conditioner duct. This requires servicing as these materials can be harmful for your health.

Moisture At The Wrong Places

Leakage or moisture near or around your system is not a good sign for your air conditioner. Pools of water next to your air conditioner indicates that the condensed water from the AC is not being disposed off properly.

This means that the drainage tube is either broken or blocked. Ice formation or leaking water in the unit can cause serious problems. If you see that your AC is leaking refrigerant then call an air-conditioning specialist right away.

Thermostat Problems

A lot of times it is not your air conditioning in its entirety but just the thermostat that is having issues. The best way to check this is to see if some parts of your house are warmer than the others.

This means that the temperature controls in one part is different from the other. If this is happening with your air conditioning system, then you should ask a serviceman to check your thermostat.

Strange Smell

If there’s a foul or pungent smell coming from your air conditioner, it means that the wire insulation of the machine are burning out. If there’s a musty kind of smell then that means that there’s most definitely a mould situation somewhere- either in your AC or in your ducts. Moulds can be very harmful for you so make sure you get it tested.

Strange Sounds

Squealing, grinding, grating sounds from your air conditioner is a sign that you need to replace it soon. The noises mean that there’s something wrong on the inside and if not serviced soon, your air conditioner will see a pricey breakdown.

If there’s a squealing noise then it means that a belt might have slipped out of place. It may also mean that some part of the AC needs lubrication. A grinding sound means that some bearings of your motor may be broken.


Is your AC showing the above-mentioned signs? Well, it may be time to get a new one.